Enjoy an unforgettable trip to the Glaciers on
the "Glacier Fairytale" Tour

Enjoy a round trip adventure starting in the early morning and ending in the early evening. Leaving plenty of time to enjoy a relaxing night in Norway.


  • Take a Fjord Visjon Bus to Jostedalsbreen.
  • Jump aboard the Fjord Visjon Cruise Ship and enjoy some site seeing on the beautiful Norwegian Fjords.
  • Food and Beverages are available on board. 
  • Take a small boat to Breheimsenteret Glacier Center.
  • Tour the glaciers and once you’re done tour the Breheimsenteret Glacier Center’s museum.
  • Enjoy an all inclusive Two Course Meal at the Center. 
  • Take the Fjord Visjon Bus back to your original destination.

Free Luggage - Free Wifi - Free Seat Choice

Bus routes begin May 1st and will be bookable starting November 2018!

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