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Norwegian Fjord Cruise Line

Now you can experience the fjords as a regular passenger aboard the Fjords own cruise line, with local style and good service!

Norwegian Fjord Cruise Line’s predecessor Fjord Vision was established by Mads Bækkelund in Sogndal in 2008, and started ski cruises in the Sognefjord in February of the same year. 

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Norwegian Fjord Cruise Line also arranges bike cruises where we travel from port to port and you cycle exciting stretches along the fjord, and ski cruises where we sail from area to area every day. We are also open for charter certain periods. Here you can find regular tours, or contact Captain Mads to talk about the possibilities.

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We welcome partners to invest in the cruise line. If this seems interesting to you, please click the button below to read more about the opportunities that lay ahead of you!