Welcome to the Norwegian Fjord Society

It all started when Mads Bækkelund bought MV Fjord Visjon to operate happy explorer cruises in the fjords in 2008. Since then a lot has developed including national and international TV series called Oppdrag Nord – Norge about the carefree life aboard and in the fjords. We are currently making a pilot for TV season 3 with Flimmer Film for a deep dive into the life in the fjords with Mads & his friends and everybody who care. 

The Fjord Community

Norwegian Energy

The community is producing its own healthy energy drink, with no added sugar or additives. It’s still refreshing with Norwegian Energy taste, and is an alternative to coke & red bull.

Sweaters & Hats

The last 7 years we have produced a 100% wool collection with top hats and sweaters flying the Fjord brand.

Fresh Salmon

We are also working long term to create a sustainable salmon fish farm with absolutely no waste where 100% are recycled, with no diseases.